General Terms and Conditions Version 10/04/2010

The following general terms and conditions apply with regard to the business relations between the DTG-Trading GmbH and their customers.

Between the DTG Trading GmbH and the customer, contracts will be regarded as completed if:
1.These GTCT were accepted by a confirmation with the order
2.The order was confirmed in the online shop
3.The customer has received an order confirmation

All quoted prices contain the legal value added tax. The price consists of a portion for the product, a donation to a rain forest project and the forwarding expenses.

The payment is transferred via the PayPal payment system or by a bank transfer. The product remains the property of the DTG Trading GmbH up to the moment the entire payment has been received.

If a delivery does not arrive for whatever reason, the payment will be refunded immediately. A legal right to delivery does not exist.

All of the information we collect is only used to process your orders. All legal privacy requirements are observed. Your data is not used for advertising, market research or opinion polls.

All orders are processed under the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding the UN Sales Convention. If some provisions of these GTCT are unlawful, the others remains unaffected.

This information is intended solely for informational purposes; the original German text is legally binding.

Here you will find the GTCT as a PDF document for printing.

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